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Our very own Dr. Allyson Cole, and co-host Cory Griffis, examine why sometimes people succeed in therapy and others just seem to want to vent. The ‘ What it Takes to Heal’ podcast explores topics to guide seekers of healing and therapists in navigating the multi-faceted and complex world of psychotherapy.  

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How can you help someone who isn't seeking help on their own?
We discuss the challenges in helping a loved one to seek help. In this episode, we also share some important considerations — and options you have — for when it is time to have that conversation.

What do you need to know about trauma before choosing a therapist?
In this episode we talk to Sarah Freeze, Clinical Director at Create Outcomes. Sarah highlights the importance of understanding whether you have experienced trauma when seeking therapy. She offers helpful and specific information regarding what to look for within yourself — and your therapist — to ensure that you are in the right place to heal.

Is it okay to choose a therapist based on gender, race, age, and cultural background?
We interview Thomas Neuschul, LCSW, Diversity and Inclusion Director at Create Outcomes, and Dr. Sandy Jenkins, Psychologist and Diversity specialist, to help you go beyond the bio to examine the importance of your own preference for a therapist.

Can you really find a great therapist online?
Dr. Allyson Cole and Cory Griffis walk us through how to find a therapist through an online directory. In this episode, they talk about the confusing nature of finding the right therapist and talk about some of the jargon you’ll need to wade through.

How do you know If you are with the right therapist?
Breaking up with a therapist is hard to do and knowing whether you should find a new therapist is often even more daunting. This episode tells you which qualities to look for in your therapeutic relationship.

What questions should you ask a prospective therapist before starting therapy?
Dr. Allyson Cole and Cory Griffis weigh in on what to ask and how to determine whether they might be the right fit for you.


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