We start from transparency and orient our guidance to you as an individual.

Our Process

Our outcomes-focused approach equips you with the tools to overcome the roadblocks that stand in your way.

We know change takes work, so we acknowledge your progress and evolve with you as you move towards your destination.

Your Path Forward

Your LifeMAP is a unique set of tools we've developed to define your goals, track your progress, and move you towards your destination.

We collaboratively explore your needs and goals and make over 100 years of proven psychology meaningful to your journey.

Our Difference

Transparency is the foundation of our collaboration with you. We will recognize the strengths you already have and you will have access to the work you accomplished.

Together we asses the effectiveness of the tools we have given you, and we make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Your Team

We are here to guide the way with expertise and compassion.

Collectively, we bring years of training and a range of experiences. We’re here to listen, apply our knowledge, and help you take it from here.

Meet your CO team below.

Your Team

︎︎︎Dr. Allyson Cole, Psy.D. — CEO

︎︎︎Dr. Jasmine Narayan, Psy.D. — COO

︎︎︎Sarah Freeze, LCSW — Clinical Director, Director — Research & Development 

︎︎︎Thomas Neuschul, LCSW — Clinical Director, Director, Diversity & Inclusion

︎︎︎Terence Coyle, LCSW — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Julia Werman Zwerin, LMSW — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Rebecca Roberts, LMSW — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Jennifer Cook, LMSW — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Karryn Swanson, LCSW — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Chloe Kressel, LMSW — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Elizabeth (Liz) Pignatelli, Care Coordinator/Research Specialist

︎︎︎Jacqueline Barish, MHC-LP — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Katherine Hannan, MS, R-DMT, LCAT — Psychotherapist

︎︎︎Matthew Heintz, LMSW — Psychotherapist

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