Parents, Tuned In: Webinar Series

Create Outcomes is hosting a seasonal webinar series to connect parents to experts, resources, and information that supports growth for the whole family. We explore issues and topics relevant to being a modern parent/caregiver. Parents will leave with a deeper understanding of complex topics as well as strategies they can begin using in their daily lives.

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How to Talk to Your Child About Upsetting

Events in the Media

The past few years have challenged us collectively as a

society between a pandemic, racial and political injustice,

and now a war in Ukraine. Due to more accessibility to 

the news and social media the amount of information

and frequency of exposure to these upsetting events

have increased for our youth. This can leave many

parents at a loss of how to talk about this information

with their kids.

Our panelists discuss the impact of upsetting events on

children and teen’s emotional well-being and provide a

framework of how to approach these conversations with

your child.

Understanding Your Distracted Child:

The Many Causes of Inattention

Distractibility and inattention in children can be

misunderstood and commonly attributed to ADHD.

This symptom can often signal so much more! Our

panelists will discuss the variety of causes that lead to

inattention, such as ADHD, mood disorders, 

trauma, and medical issues. 

Parents will walk away wit an understanding of when

distractibility is ag appropriate, when to seek further

evaluation, and determine the next steps to support your

child or teen.

Recommended for parents of children ages 5-18.

Supporting Your Child with COVID-related Anxiety

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and we

are approaching another school year, you may be

wondering how to best help your child navigate the

unknowns. Join us for a panel discussion with the Create

Outcomes team as we explore the current anxieties and

fears children are struggling with, how this manifests in

behaviors, and specific strategies to help you support

your child.

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