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We use the acronym T.I.P.S. as our guiding principles:

Therapeutic Frame The purpose of having a therapeutic frame is to guide clinicians in their interactions by providing a structure for self-evaluation. The therapeutic frame is meant to help maintain productive relationships. It allows clinicians to recognize and examine when their bias may be present and emphasizes self-awareness.

Individualized Information Clinicians become aware of what is meaningful to the client in order to create their Life Map. We examine their goals, desires, values and motivation. Individualized information also includes diagnostic considerations in the context of these personal factors.

Protocols, Policies And Procedures Maintaining awareness of our ethical and legal obligations as licensed clinicians is always an important consideration in therapeutic work. Our organization emphasizes competency in the areas of risk, collaborative documentation, treatment planning and privacy.

Strategies Once a therapist has examined their therapeutic frame, assessed the individualized information, and considered relevant policies and procedures, the clinician can then choose the most effective therapeutic strategy to meet the unique needs of the client.
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Coping Skills Group - Adults [Virtual]

Honor Your True Self - Adults [Virtual]

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Building Healthy Relationships For Neurodiverse Teens - [In Person, Denver] 
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