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Thomas Neuschul, LMSW

Gay men and lesbian women face many challenges that are specific to them. It is important to find a therapist that understands your unique experience as a queer person in a culture that promotes heterosexuality as the norm. These experiences can vary from past traumas to internalizing the stigma that we have been exposed to.

We all have life events that impact the way we see the world today. For queer people, our worldview may be impacted by our time in the closet and messages we may receive from media and the different communities we belong to. What we face in our relationships can also change the way we see the world, such as painful moments with well-intentioned friends, confusing messages from family, or differential treatment in our workplace.

As a gay man and therapist, Thomas Neuschul is passionate about helping other LGBTQ individuals in a way that truly brings their stories into therapy in a holistic way. He specializes in working with trauma through traditional talk therapy, EMDR, and expressive interventions. It is important to hi that all my clients feel in control of their therapy process. Please reach out to me to learn more about my treatment style and what types of interventions can be utilized. I offer a safe, secure and inclusive therapeutic environment.


 “Thomas is really great to work with! His caring, gentle persona was a relief to encounter after a long and stressful day. He provided me with the skills I need to overcome personal struggles and recognize my self-worth. I would recommend Thomas to anyone seeking understanding of themselves and finding peace.”

 “Thomas is so professional and approachable. He helped me become who I’ve always wanted to be!”

 “Seeing Thomas for therapy has been a transformational experience for me. He has helped me to understand the different parts of myself that I have had difficulty accepting and I have learned not only to accept those parts, but to honor them, care for them & love them. My relationships have shifted as a result & I m just overall a happier person. I can’t thank him enough for all the work he has done with me!”

 “Working with Thomas has helped me understand my own sadness around feeling like an outsider and gain a new perspective on how I want to connect with others. Before I started meeting with him, I was constantly pushing people away and out of my life, and Thomas helped me understand why I was doing that and how to overcome it.”

 “I didn’t truly believe change was going to happen for me, but Thomas helped me find the part of me that was ready to be embraced. Sometimes you can’t figure these things out by yourself, and you need someone to help you and guide you. Thomas was my guide, and he never let me fall into my self-doubt. That was my biggest barrier to overcome, and I did it with his help.”

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