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Sarah Freeze, LMSW

Sarah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Arvada, CO. Sarah works with people who are looking for a change and feel weighed down in their current circumstances. She helps her clients find relief and learn more about their own selves and how to accept and feel comfortable as they are.

One goal of therapy is to help you think about your life-story with loving empathy rather than pain, shame, or guilt. As your therapist, you can expect that Sarah will be engaged, accepting, and authentic.

Sarah specializes in treating stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Trauma is any event that leaves a negative, lasting effect. It is stored in our body and often shapes how we think about ourselves.

Sarah offers a variety of services, including individual therapy in her Arvada office, virtual therapy for clients who live in Colorado or New York, and the EMDR Intensive for people who are seeking rapid relief. Learn more about the EMDR Intensive here. Sarah is also able to offer video sessions to her clients using a secure online therapy service. This allows her clients to have the flexibility to travel or have sessions from the comfort of their own homes. 

Sarah’s focus in the beginning of therapy is to understand who you are, where you want to end up, and to help you in getting closer to that goal. It can be easy to focus on the problems, but Sarah takes a solution-focused approach, facilitating growth and progress. 


I recently checked off all my personal and relationship goals and I’m so happy about it. [I] really valued that aspect of therapy. [Sarah] would always guide me without judging or being opinionated. She always jumped in at the right times.”

     “Amazing! [I] felt comfortable being vulnerable to let everything out, including my darkest secrets. [Sarah was] very comforting and helpful through all my situations. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. [Sarah is] very calm, no judgments, rational and always gave me a platform to let out my subconscious.”

     Sarah was very warm and caring. Sarah was encouraging and checked in often regarding progress and goals. I feel less anxious and more able to deal with stress more confidently; family and friends also noticed a difference.”

[Therapy] was a very good eye opening experience. It was definitely helpful. I gained personal strength and better skills from therapy that I know I’ll use forever. I only wish I started this earlier in my life because maybe I wouldn’t have felt so judged early on in life.”

“At first it was difficult to open up, but Sarah made me feel so comfortable. Our relationship came very easy like talking to a friend. Sarah is truly a sincere and caring person. I would tell Sarah everything and that’s what made our relationship so special.”

“I feel more secure about myself. I feel stronger, more open. I actually like myself!”

“From the first time I met Sarah, I immediately felt a sense of comfort and security. Sarah is completely heartfelt, sensitive to my feelings, warm, and caring. Before therapy, I had never heard of EMDR. I never would have thought I needed this type of therapy. It went above and beyond my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.”

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