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Licensed Psychotherapist

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Karryn Swanson, LCSW

Karryn Swanson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with adolescents and their families. Her clients may struggle with stress, anxiety, life-transitions, self-confidence, motivation, or learning disabilities. Karryn’s focus is to meet the client where they are and guide them to reach their goals. These goals might be building and maintaining healthy relationships, developing positive coping strategies, shifting thinking and behaviors, or coming into a confident self. Her clients want to change and are ready to actively engage in the therapeutic process.

Karryn explores her clients’ core beliefs that have been developed, and together they identify how these narratives are playing out in their current life. Her clients grow through empowerment, motivation, and mindfulness.

Clients who have worked with Karryn share that she is a great listener, empathetic, a strong advocate, and able to support them fully within the systems they grow and live in. She is able to prioritize and problem-solve based on the specific needs and strengths of the family.

Karryn specializes in working with adolescents struggling in the school system and she is able to consult around education rights and advocate within the public school setting. She also conducts psychological evaluations to support families in gaining services at school.

She welcomes adolescents who crave success in their educational and daily lives. She will work with them to build a therapeutic relationship based on trust and equip them with the proper techniques to succeed in all of their life’s goals.


   “Excellent, completely changed my way of thinking an life. Very personal an satisfying experience. Would highly recommend.” 

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