Jennifer Welton, LPCC

Licensed Psychotherapist

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Jennifer Welton is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate who works with children and their families. She specializes in working with preschool-aged children who might be struggling with social, emotional, or behavioral development. 

Many of Jennifer’s clients learn coping skills to experience increased success in school and at home. She helps children overcome conflict and develop positive relationships with their peers, family, and teachers. Jennifer works with the family to increase communication and positive interactions at home. 

Jennifer encourages a play-based environment and works at the child’s pace as they discover the reasons behind their behavior. She uses research-supported techniques such as cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and socio-emotional learning.

Jennifer welcomes children and families who are seeking to develop behavioral skills and excel in all aspects of life. Her clients describe her as empathetic, patient, and culturally sensitive. She works with families in a compassionate way to discover solutions together! 


   “Excellent, completely changed my way of thinking an life. Very personal an satisfying experience. Would highly recommend.” 

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