Jennifer Cook, LMSW

Licensed Psychotherapist

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Jennifer Cook, LMSW

Jennifer Cook is a Licensed Social Worker who works with adolescents and young adults who are facing issues forming their identity. They may struggle with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, life transitions, or social connection. Jennifer is bilingual and welcomes Spanish-speaking clients. She specializes in supporting clients dealing with cultural challenges, such as being new to the U.S. and navigating multicultural relationships.

Jennifer’s clients appreciate feeling safe and being heard without judgment. Through therapy, her clients learn new coping skills, are able to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, and continue down the path of self-discovery. She guides her clients with empathy through life’s small and big transitions.

Jennifer’s approach allows clients to easily open up to discuss topics of their choosing and grow in personal goals. She uses a variety of approaches that include positive psychology, cognitive, and mindfulness strategies. Jennifer’s own path through life has allowed her to volunteer abroad and work with young adults of diverse cultural backgrounds, which has given her a unique perspective.

Jennifer welcomes adolescents and young adults with curiosity and authenticity who are seeking to move past life’s roadblocks and gain skills to succeed on their life journey.


   “Jennifer is wonderful! She has a way of putting you at ease and I was able to overcome what was holding me back through my work with her. “

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