Jasmine Narayan, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist – COO

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Dr. Narayan is a Licensed Psychologist and the COO of C.R.E.A.T.E Outcomes Psychological Services. She specializes in child and adolescent psychotherapy, specifically issues related to aggressive/impulsive behavior, emotional regulation, ADHD, depression, anxiety and trauma. Dr. Narayan works closely with families to improve effective communication, build healthy connections and increase positive interactions. She draws on positive parenting techniques, parent-child interaction therapy, mindfulness and relaxation, and evidence-based interventions to support clients in their growth.

Dr. Narayan believes that creativity is critical to a child’s growth, and uses various art therapy techniques to help grow the parent-child bond. Her experience, support and guidance can help parents reduce problematic behaviors and increase loving, peaceful and authentic connections with their children. Dr. Narayan is the author of the “Color With Me” book series, which promotes a positive way for caregivers to connect with their children.


     “Dr. Narayan always points out things I”m doing well-which is very helpful when you can’t recognize that for yourself.”

  “It was helpful to have a visual reminder of my journey through my problems and kept me motivated to see my progress.”

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