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At Create Outcomes, our approach is adapted to fit your specific needs. Together, we map your path forward with our LifeMAP  — a unique set of tools we have developed to clarify your goals, transparently track your progress, and move you towards your destination, so you can see and feel the progress being made.

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First Step Session

In this 45-minute video session, you’ll meet one of our highly-trained therapists and begin to lay the groundwork for moving forward.

The goal of this session is to explore where you are, what’s getting in your way, and where you’d like to go. This means:

— We’ll get curious about you

— We’ll tell you about us and our approach

— We’ll begin to chart your path forward

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Matching Process

Once we’ve connected and begun to understand your goals and needs, we match you with one of highly-trained CO therapists.

The goal of this approach is to align our expertise with your personal needs. This means:

— Our care team will provide you with all the information before we dive in, including your insurance coverage and estimated cost per session

— We will help you find a match, even if its not with us.


The Path Forward

After you’ve matched with a therapist and connected through either a video or in-person session, you’ll set a course together.

We will build your LifeMAP: a unique set of tools we have developed to help you understand where you’re going, track your progress, and move towards your destination.



Our priority is to move you towards your goals so that you can see and feel the progress being made.

We encourage an open dialogue about your journey. Our team takes steps to ensure you are getting what you need.

— Our therapists will consistently track your progress and help you evaluate whether changes need to be made.

— If at any point during your journey you have questions, comments, or concerns, our Care Team is on hand to address your feedback.

        From Our Clients

"It was helpful to have a visual reminder of my journey through my problems and kept me motivated to see my progress.”

" [The therapist] led me on a journey that has reacquainted me with the various parts of myself that can now be acknowledged, rejuvenated, and restored. "

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